Advertising Media Used By Businesses

There are many types of advertising media used by businesses. Understanding each of these will help you to choose the Promotional Products or methods that will most benefit your business or company. For businesses, particularly small businesses, every dollar counts. In any advertising campaign you want to ensure that you get the most for your money. The ultimate result of your advertising should produce more sales, higher profits and a much healthier bottom line. You need to determine the best medium to reach your target audience.

Newspapers provide a traditional approach to advertising. There are several benefits of placing your advertisements in newspapers. They allow you to reach a large number of people in a local or regional area while giving you complete flexibility in the size and placement of your advertisement. Exposure in newspapers is not limited as it often is in other medias. Potential customers can read your message over and again if they want.

Along the same lines as newspaper advertising is magazine advertising. Magazines offer a more focused approach to your target audience, although they are a bit pricier than newspaper advertisements. The higher reader volume of magazines means that more attention will ultimately be paid to your advertisement and the smaller page of these publications allows your smaller ads to stand out more.

Radio is another traditional advertising method that is still highly effective. Radio is a universal medium that is enjoy by millions of people throughout the day. Many people listen to radio while driving to and from work, while working and again at home. Radio advertising offers the advantage of creative help if needed and rates for this method can often be negotiated. In fact, during the last ten years or so radio rates have attracted much less inflation than other media.

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Television, which uses several Video Marketing on a daily basis, may be the favorite among advertising methods, although it is likely also the most expensive. Television allows you to reach larger numbers of people than other methods, giving you the ability to reach people locally, regionally, nationally and even globally in a much shorter period of time. Television allows you the ability to get your message to your potential customers using sight, sound and motion which is a more interesting and engaging way to capture attention.

Direct mail or direct marketing is a method in which you send marketing message directly to buyers through the mail. Catalogs or other publications and literature are sent via direct mail to potential customers, as are sales letters and brochures. This method allows you to target those who are most likely to purchase from your business. Direct mail marketing messages can be personalized and can be as short or long as you want to make them in order to tell your story or pitch your product. This method allows you complete control over the presentation of your advertising message and gives you the advantage of hiding your advertising campaign from competitors until it is too late for them to react.

Telemarketing, annoying as it is also utilizes Video effects to a large extend. It is also another media source that provides advertising benefits for businesses. Telephone sales are an effective system for introducing a new product or company to potential customers as well as setting appointments for specific services. Specialty advertising or promotional gift advertising is also a highly effective and very popular method. Using imprinted products such as key chains, mouse pads, coffee mugs and other items, you can get your message across to your target audience while giving them a product of use. This method allows for full flexibility and when properly implemented your target audience may decide to keep and show off the items that you send. This allows for long and constant exposure of your advertising message.

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You can see that there are several methods in which you can reach your target audience. Choosing the one that fits both your preference and your budget will make all the difference in whether or not your advertising campaign is successful.

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